ERP on the go
An Effective tool for Efficient people !

iVendor automates time consuming and error-prone business processes, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter.


Calendar See jobs & orders in calendar
  • Calendar for easy access to know the schedule of job and order
  • Color coded calendar to know tasks which are completed and tasks which are pending
Suitcase Add company & monitor progress
  • Add your company
  • Know number of current orders and jobs
  • Know total number of orders and jobs given
  • Analytics to know how your doing compared to previous months
Task Create & monitor jobs
  • Add the new jobs in the iVendor and it's deadline
  • Add articles required for the job and their deadline
  • Receive reminders when the job is ready to start
  • Receive reminders on the approaching deadline
Invite user Add vendors and staff
  • Invite your purchase officer
  • Add unlimited vendors
  • Role based access to employee and vendor
Purchase Create orders
  • Create PO from anywhere
  • Receive automatic email and attached PDFs with details of PO
  • Receive automatic reminders of order deadline
Download Downloads & Misc
  • Download earlier given PO
  • Import order details in excel
  • Import job details in excel

Hand crafted for...

Shoes industry
Footwear industry
Textile industry
Garment industry
Equestrian industry
Equestrian industry
Jwellary accessories
Jewellery & Accessories